Our Lodges & Tented Camps

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Moivaro Lodge - Arusha

Welcome to Moivaro Coffee Plantation Lodge & Estate, the lodge where you will stay in a charming atmosphere and enjoy every comfort you need.

Moivaro Lodge is situated right in the heart of beautiful, natural scenery and yet is only 7 km from the town of Arusha: an ideal spot to enjoy the impressive flora and fauna of East Africa.

At Moivaro Lodge we will ensure that you are looked after in a unique, friendly and peaceful manner, helping you to prepare for your safaris and cosseting you on your return in the evening. Our spacious thatched brick cottages are set in a lovely tropical garden, with private verandas ensuring every visitor all the privacy needed. Relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Mount Meru from the comfortable veranda, go for a stroll around the Moivaro property, or laze at the pool nestling in the midst of tropical trees and coffee plants. Read more…

Robanda Tented Camp

Robanda is set on a prime location for an unforgettable bush experience. The position was carefully chosen to be right in the path of the wildebeest migration, ensuring spectacular game viewing during the migration. But the camp also boasts of high resident game concentration all year round, with big herds of wildebeest and zebra, elephant and giraffe. Other animal species include lion, hyena, gazelle, topi and buffalo.Read more…

Arusha Safari Lodge

Welcome to Arusha Safari Lodge, a grand private residence set in lush expansive grounds complete with a swimming pool and an “Out of Africa” style restaurant for afternoon tea and sundowners. Arusha Safari Lodge is a small-secluded hideaway equipped to cater for discerning travellers and consists of 9 rooms in total, 7 spacious and comfortable guest cottages plus 2 spacious rooms in the main building. Read more…

Kia Lodge

Welcome to KIA Lodge – your door to Tanzania – at less than 5 minutes drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport. The lodge is situated on a secluded hill in the heart of beautiful savannah scenery that is so typical for East Africa. Guests can admire the vast views of the African plains and of course the grand Kilimanjaro Mountain that shows her snowy top mostly in the morning and at sundown. Read more…

Crater Forest Tented Camp

Crater Forest is a small tented camp located on a highland coffee plantation at an altitude of 1800 m, directly bordering the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area (NCAA). The camp is a 10 kilometer drive away from the main road leading from Karatu town to the famous Ngorongoro Crater, offering you some nice views of the surrounding hills and coffee plantations. Read more…

Ikoma Tented Camp

Set in the midst of an incredible scenery of savannah and skies, you find Ikoma Tented Camp, sheltered in a grove of acacia trees. Ikoma has 35 traditional Meru tents, each under thatch with a private veranda overlooking the impressive plains of the Serengeti. Read more…

Lake Natron Tented Camp

Wild and remote Lake Natron lies in the northeast of Tanzania in between the Ngorongoro Highlands and Serengeti plains. Here it is the landscape rather than the animals that is the attraction – the area around the lake inhabited by Maasai is dry, desolate and hauntingly beautiful. Read more…

Migunga Tented Camp

 Migunga Tented Camp is nestled in a quiet corner on the northwest of Lake Manyara. The camp is ideally situated in shade of an acacia forest, only 5 minutes from the entrance of Lake Manyara National Park. This is the ideal base camp to discover the beautiful surroundings of Lake Manyara, or pay a cultural visit to the colourful town of Mto Wa Mbu. Read more…

Tindiga Tented Camp

We are proud to present our Tindiga Tented Camp: a beautiful and small traditional camp, ideally situated only 1,5 kilometers from the stunning Lake Eyasi. Tindiga Tented Camp is situated on a hill overlooking the shrubland of the Eyasi Ecosystem. Read more…

Vision and Mission

The Moivaro Group offers holiday accommodations in East Africa. The company has three main objectives in all it’s undertakings:

* To give guests an exceptional Africa experience with good value for money.
* To create intercultural exchange and understanding through the hospitality industry in Africa.
* To contribute to better lives in Africa by providing ten thousand jobs with a spin-off to the wider community.

All Moivaro properties are renowned for their strategic locations at or nearby places of interest for tourists in Africa, mostly set in a natural environment. For example nearby national parks, beaches or so called ‘transit cities’. The properties can be divided in three categories: urban and suburban lodges, Bush lodges and tented camps, and beach resorts.

The accommodations differ in size, type, luxury-range and atmosphere, but they are the same in the sense that they always try to provide a ‘local African experience’. The aim is to emphasise the local culture, habits and surroundings by the setting, construction and operation of the lodges. As much as possible local products are used for constructing, cooking and decoration, and local staff is employed.

All Moivaro properties include a restaurant and bar service, and offer a varied range of activities that can be booked in advance, or at the lodge itself.

The story of Moivaro

The Moivaro Group was founded by Mr. Gijs de Raadt in Tanzania in 1999. Gijs was born in Africa studied at the School of Tourism and graduated in African Studies. After his studies Gijs has traveled and worked in fourteen African countries, and during his travels he kept on wondering what was the best way to contribute to the lives of local people who live in poverty. With many NGO projects he noticed there was a so called ‘boomerang effect’: the project would be good for some, but not for all people. For instance he saw one day that a container full of shoes was brought to a small village in Tanzania. Many people were very happy with their new shoes, but not all: the local shoemaker and the salesmen at the market, who earned their money selling shoes, were out of work.

When Gijs started building his first lodge in Arusha, the first thing he did was build a nice big fence at the entrance. As soon as the fence was put up, people from the village started coming up to the fence to ask for work. At least 40 people per day. Old people, young people, uneducated people, educated people, they were all looking for a job. And that’s when Gijs realised this is how he could contribute: by creating as many jobs for these people as possible. He set out on his mission to train these people and to empower them to take care of their own lives, their children and families.

And that is what we have been doing ever since.

What started as a dream, with only 1 lodge and 4 jobs created, has grown into a large company, with hundreds of employees on the payroll and a spin-off to the wider community. Over the years it has become our strong believe that giving people the opportunity to learn, work, and grow is the best way to help fight against poverty and to empower the people. We hope to be able to train many more people in the future, and provide them with many more jobs!

Moivaro has three main objectives in all it’s undertakings:
1) To contribute to better lives in Africa by providing ten thousand jobs with a spin-off to the wider community.
2) To give guests an exceptional Africa experience with good value for money.
3) To create intercultural exchange and understanding through the hospitality industry in Africa.

By staying at a Moivaro property, you can be assured you contribute to the lives of many African people!

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