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Take a cultural tour

Take a cultural tour

On safari you see a lot of the wildlife and the landscapes of the country. However beautiful that may be, many of our guests regret that they are not able to get to know the people and their culture, while sitting in the car all day!

Moivaro promotes the exchange of cultures, therefore we organise cultural tours in several of our lodges. A professional guide takes you into the village, and shows you exactly how the local people live, work and play. You can visit a local primary school, a typical Tanzanian brewery and if you wish you can even talk to some people in the streets, visit their houses or taste one of the dishes they sell in their shops.

A few of the cultural tours we organise:
Moivaro Lodge – Moivaro Cultural Walk
Migunga Tented Camp – Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Tour
Whistling Thorn Camp – Guided visit to the Maasai and their boma
Crater Forest Tented Camp – Coffee Plantation Tour
Tindiga Tented Camp – Guided visit to the Hadzabe & Datoqa (local bushmen)
Lake Natron Tented Camp – Maasai Cultural Tour

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