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Welcome to Moivaro

Welcome to Moivaro

We invite you to come and discover Africa with us, an experience that might change your life for good! At Moivaro we have 15 years of experience in hospitality in Africa, so we know how to make our guests feel at home in this beautiful continent. We have a passion for Africa, and we want to share this this with you, to help you discover the real Africa. From staying in a small tent in the middle of the Serengeti during the great wildebeest migration, to sleeping amongst the captivating people of the Maasai in their villages: Moivaro will take you on an adventure that may last one holiday, but will remain in your memories for a lifetime…

Moivaro Lodges & Tena: Partners in Sustainability

Moivaro Lodges & Tena: Partners in Sustainability

Every day, tons of plastic waste in the form of water bottles are dumped in roadside drains or burned in landfill sites or on vacant land. The impact of plastic waste on communities and the environment is significant and far-reaching. Plastic waste clogging drains and waterways can lead to flooding and the pooling of stagnant water, which reduces water quality and provides a breeding ground for malaria carrying mosquitos. In addition, the burning of plastic waste at dumpsites occurs at a low temperature, which releases plumes of toxic smoke and creates hazardous ash that contaminates the surrounding soil.

As an environmentally and socially responsible business, Moivaro lodges & Tented Camps has partnered with TENA Recycling to help reduce the impact of plastic waste on Tanzania’s natural and urban environment.

Beginning in March 2014, Moivaro lodges & Tented Camps will separate all plastic water bottles from the ordinary biodegradable waste stream and deposit them in a TENA recycling bin at their main depot in Arusha. The plastic will then be collected by TENA staff and transported to our warehouse in Mbauda where it will be sorted, compacted and prepared for a recycling process that will see it turned back into new water bottles or spun out into fibers used in the textile industry.

In addition to significantly reducing their own ecological footprint, Moivaro’s participation in the TENA program also enables another vital service to Tanzania’s people and the environment in which they live.

Beginning in 2014, TENA recycling will begin paying rebates to economically disadvantaged local people who collect and deposit recyclable plastics at one of our collection points. This service will lead to a significant reduction in the amount of waste plastic littering urban areas and will also provide basic and easily accessible economic opportunities for thousands of people.

By supporting TENA Recycling’s collection program, Moivaro lodges & Tented Camps is directly contributing to both, reducing the impact of plastic waste on the environment and the creation of jobs and opportunity for Tanzanian people.

Green season offer

Green season offer

Come stay with one of our safari camps in Tanzania in March, April or May, and receive 10% discount on your room rate! This is your chance to see Tanzania’s stunning wildlife for a very affordable price. In these months it is rainy season in Tanzania, so this means that you might come across some rain once in a while. But it is still a nice temperature, and honestly – in our opinion this is one of the best times of the year to go on safari. The national parks are beautiful and green, they are filled with animals, and there are hardly any tourists around!

And moreover… the rates are a lot more attractive then in the high seasons!
So if you are up for it… this is your chance! Please inquire at marketing@moivaro.com.


Take a cultural tour

Take a cultural tour

On safari you see a lot of the wildlife and the landscapes of the country. However beautiful that may be, many of our guests regret that they are not able to get to know the people and their culture, while sitting in the car all day!

Moivaro promotes the exchange of cultures, therefore we organise cultural tours in several of our lodges. A professional guide takes you into the village, and shows you exactly how the local people live, work and play. You can visit a local primary school, a typical Tanzanian brewery and if you wish you can even talk to some people in the streets, visit their houses or taste one of the dishes they sell in their shops.

A few of the cultural tours we organise:
Moivaro Lodge – Moivaro Cultural Walk
Migunga Tented Camp – Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Tour
Whistling Thorn Camp – Guided visit to the Maasai and their boma
Crater Forest Tented Camp – Coffee Plantation Tour
Tindiga Tented Camp – Guided visit to the Hadzabe & Datoqa (local bushmen)
Lake Natron Tented Camp – Maasai Cultural Tour

Enquire now!

Please let us know the dates you would like to travel.

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