• Migunga Tented Camp

  • Arusha Safari Lodge

  • Che Che Vule - Beach Villa

  • Serengeti National Park

  • Crater Forest Tented Camp

  • Robanda Tented Camp

Contact us

For more information on our lodges and camps, our destinations, or your trip,
please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Send an email to: marketing@moivaro.com

Give us a call at:
Moivaro Head Office: +255 (0)272506315
Enquiries: +255 (0)272506315 or +255 (0)754324193 (24 hrs mobile)

You can also reach us via social media:
Facebook: Facebook.com/moivaro
Skype: Moivaro.Lodges
Twitter: Twitter.com/moivaro

Or you can come and visit us at the head office! Please look at the map below for our location.
Karibu Sana!

Enquire now!

Please let us know the dates you would like to travel.

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